Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Sick

Here I am home sick and I can't seem to rest the way I should. I look around at all of the unfinished chores and projects and a restlessness and uneasiness comes over me. How can I rest with all of this "stuff" that needs to be done. It really is true that a women's work is never done. Even when she is sick. I know that if I sleep the day away or at the very least "lay around" and watch some television, the stuff will only get worse. I can see the dirt and clutter growing right before my eyes. How bad do I have the clean house aphobia that I cannot even bring myself to let it go for one afternoon? There are dishes in the sink from the kid's cereal before school this morning. Not to mention those 3 pans that I didn't finish washing last nite. What was I thinking? I knew they were going to follow me into today. Whispering in my ear of my failure to finsh cleaning the kitchen.

Oh that's right. I spent time last night instead helping my daughter and another girl from the girl scout troop I lead, to fill out applications for Destinations. These are fun and educational nationwide, some even international, trips that the girls get to take individually over summer and winter vacations. They can apply for up to 4 trips and may choose from any 1 to 4 Destinations of which they may be awarded. The trips or "camps" are sponsored by various hosting Girl Scout Councils and they include themes such as horseback riding, geocaching and even biology internships! My daughter was fortunate to be accepted to a Destination called "Mall Madness" which was held in Wisconsin and included besides canoeing and a riverboat cruise, several shopping trips to the Mall of America. What a thrill for her. She goes on and on about that trip still. It was her first airplane ride by herself. Her first trip out of state without family. She was gone for more than a week. She had the time of her life. Oh, did I mention she was only twelve at the time of her trip? It is experiences like these that will develop my daughter into a confident young woman. Teaching her that there is a whole world out there for her to see- new friends for her to make. Showing her that she can rely on herself and to trust herself in ways that I could not.

My daughter will not feel guilty for leaving a dirty dish in the sink. She will know that she has a bigger responsibility to experience life and share in relationships. She will find balance with her personal responsibilites and the greater social awareness she is beginning to learn now. Through my example she is learning to help others and encourage girls to take a chance, reach for their dreams and make their goals a reality. She will know the true value of life and love and won't let that dirty pot whisper sweet "nothings" into her ear.

Maybe I'll take a nap after all.


  1. I love your honesty! I need this healthy persective in my own life, so I'm so glad I dropped by! I am following you back!

  2. I think that is great what you are trying to teach your daughter. I am following you back, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  4. Wow busy momma, i know how you feel, im right there with ya- i think sometimes our bodies make us sick so that we will sit for a minute- But what the body doesnt realize is when we do finally rest- there is that much more to do when done- Just became a follower and I love your post, as another mom - of 3-husband-shoppe owner- volunteer- can oh so relate